My name is Kaisa Raadik. I have been giving massages since 2012. That is my job and hobby I really do with dedication and love. To this date I have been studying different massage types and done internship. I better myself regulary in this area.

Dear friends, the massage is currently not available. When I’m back to work I will certainly let you know.

A massage is something wonderful. A massage relaxes, relieves from stress and heals. Sometimes it is good to carress your body and soul. I wish to offer you a massage, that would suit exactly for you.

When we get hurt we tend to hold or rub the aching spot. Sometimes your hand and your power of touch is not enough. Then we need someone else, someone who could really help....

 I am waiting you in the comfy beauty salon Venus. The address is Ringi 4, 2nd floor, Pärnu. Upon settlement I can give you a massage in your home or office.


For booking and information call +372 5205582, e-mail me kaisa.raadik@gmail.com

or call to beauty salon Venus +372 4477999.


A massage is wonderfully relaxing. Treat yourself!